of airports and sunsets

i once asked someone if our friendship, which was generally characterized by leaving and being left behind, would actually survive outside airports. this is the story of my life – staying for a while, moving away again, coming back, moving on, and letting go, letting go…

this sunset picture was taken while on our way home from our 48 day business trip to kanagawa-ken. i’ve always been fascinated with sunsets, it reminds me that another day is over and it gives me hope that my little tragedies would soon be over too.

today i’m back in the world of bug reports and bastardized english, trying to make sense and finding the hidden meaning in it all. incidentally, today is also the day we get measured up against formulaic standards of excellence also known as the merit rating, as for me, with the tons of bugs i create, i guess i should be given a demerit rating instead =p

*sigh* i’m spilling me all over the place again…

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