it’s summer here in tamagawa,

and the first thing i did was download this really nice song i first heard at the movie “the real cancun”, it’s simple plan’s i dont wanna grow up. well yeah, I DO NOT WANT TO GROW UP. but s%$t happens, so here i am =p too old for turning back, too deep down the road to look back past the street signs i failed to take note of.,

what’s new with this place? nothing really, just the heat that seems to flow about like trapped mercury in a bottle. it’s 31 degrees celcius outside and the hot air permeates my skin too much that it’s not enough to take a cold shower or drown my head in a bucket full of ice to cool me down.

not much work really yesterday, i just had to reinstall the os for the notebook assigned to be my personal friend for the rest of the 27 days left of my stay here. real grunt work started this morning, i was assigned to setup the solaris machines.. so what did i really miss today except for breakfast? not much, i’m still in denial =p reality sets in more slowly these days, like it takes days for things to finally sink in on me, sometimes i find myself saying “did i really do that?!?!” or “i said that!!!?!?!?”. i’m probably stoned most of the times or they slipped something on my drink, =p

ah,,, pass me another kamikaze please =) life is good.. but please dont let me be just another drunken mistake..

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