more taxi tales

i was thinking of throwing my t68i out the window because hey, what’s the use of being reachable when nobody really wants to reach you? nah, im not being overly sentimental again for not having any text message for the day, im just irked by this taxi driver who kept texting while driving me to the office, who could possibly want to text a half human, half iguana with a head full of fake hair? tsk, now im being cruel and bitter, bitter, bitter. very bad. this is what happens when i don’t have Relevance.


what?! and he gets calls while driving? waaaahhhhh!! nobody remembers me!!! hmmmmFF, i think i ought to change careers, i should continue my driving lessons next week so i can get a license before the year ends, then maybe next year i can be a fully pledged taxi driver, yeah right!! there i go again with my crap crap crap.

its almost 8:30, late again for the nth time this month, im beginning to really hate september, the lunatic broken hearts’ people say that july is the best month of the year for romance, and september is when all hell breaks loose and things end, i wouldnt really know, maybe i just think too much, what is love anyway? its just 95% hype and 5% B.S.

“aarrgghhh! sorry miss i forgot to start the meter”

ah well, what a way to start the day, i gave him the perfunctory 40 bucks and got out of the cab.

heh! well at least his phone wasn’t polyphonic!!!!!!!

One thought on “more taxi tales

  1. great! i’m commenting on my own post! how pathetic can that be? anyways, i mus agree, 4 years later and it’s still true, july is the best time for romance, and ooppss, september is right around the corner, i will have to nurse my heart with care, i hate history repeating itself

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