empire state building

used to be called the empty state building during the great depression, they hired people to go up and down the elevators to switch the lights just so it would look like it’s occupied – that’s one trivia i learned from the tour guide, don’t know if it’s true. this historic place was under construction when went in to take a few snapshots of the city from above. it was also unlike the john hancock, or cn tower, or even the space needle where the elevator person at least says something about the place – here we were just whisked into an elevator and went from one metal detector to the next. from the 80th floor, we went up to the observatory by stairs, just for the heck of it, twas 6 flights up and no turning back.

last night we witnessed how big a deal christmas is in nyc, carollers everywhere, buildings all lit up, shop windows filled with holiday decoration – the cynic would say it’s commercialism, but i think it makes the city more alive and vibrant, helps to distract yourself from the monotony of daily existence. i love to be in this place, bc looks so dull and gray now in comparison.

walked towards ground zero and saw the vast emptiness that used to be something. they’re rebuilding it into a central transportation hub. amazing grace played in the background as i read their sign – think back, move forward, afterwhich we proceeded to st. patrick’s cathedral.

as we packed our bags and head to jfk to catch our plane, i already have a list of what to do on my next visit: – meet up with friends, helicopter tour, walk along central park.