• gadget lust: saw something i want on my christmas stocking, hehe now if i could only get santa’s direct line.
  • tons of work today, what else is new? don’t know how to make the gears turn, in an effort to forget one thing, i ended up forgetting everything else.
  • saw the dc – ny pics, argghhh! finally realized how fat i’ve become, like 10 pounds heavier than the week before at lv. how can that be? must be the chilly weather making my cheek puff, haha! nah, i need a diet and exercise plan, i’ll start tomorrow =p.
  • tonight i’m helping my younger brother with his homework – psychology and brain lateralization. i miss university, everything was easier back then, should have failed a couple of classes so i’d still be in school today harhar.
  • my mom is also on the chat window, recounting the latest military standoff in manila, another political turmoil brewing, and here i am, miles away, waiting for the world to change.
  • company’s last day of operation, just signed my quitclaim, now i’m broke coz they haven’t released the final check yet. should have been a writer instead, if i was going to starve anyway, at least i’m doing what i’m passionate about =p.