lost and found

This weekend is about finding things. But before I could find them, I had to lose them first.

Last night after I did my last minute hotel bookings, I couldn’t find my credit card. I remember placing it on the couch but then somehow between that and dinner, it disappeared. I have never really lost any material thing of value, but lately I’ve been misplacing items, forgetting stuff, losing track of time. So now I have a pile of tasks I need to do and none of them are getting done. I guess all these baggages weighing on me have taken a toll on my mind.

So back to the card, I searched high and low and finally stuck my hand in the sides of the couch then lo and behold – my brother’s missing brass retrakt from 8 months ago was there. It was all grimy and icky but still functional. So I took some lemon juice and baking soda (courtesy of wiki how and brilliant Mike) and proceeded to clean it. It didn’t come out shiny and there were still a few battle scars left but that would have to do for now. After all I was looking for a lost MasterCard not a brass ballpoint haha

After a few more negotiations with the couch, I finally found the missing card, it slipped into one of those hidden corners. Life is full of surprises, sometimes while we are in search of something we’ve lost, we come across something totally different that someone else has been looking for. I’m glad I was able to help my brother find his pen although I think he has already accepted it as gone. He doesn’t even want it anymore šŸ™‚

Today I wanted to go up to the mountains before sunset so I can see the sky turn to pink. But because of my current state of mind, I somehow misplaced the car keys. I distinctly recall putting it inside my bag so I was at a loss when it wasn’t there. If it was a phone I could have called it, but the problem with keys is they don’t ring šŸ™‚ After going up and down the house and burning 1000 calories, I found it on mom’s couch in her room. Now how did the keys walk there? Probably when I was changing clothes, or there’s an elf in the house, or I’m losing my mind haha any which way I’m glad I found it, although not where I expected it to be.

Maybe that’s how I should walk through life, open to finding things in the most unexpected places. And open to finding something totally different from what I was initially looking for.

I guess the lesson here is this, nothing is ever lost, nothing that can’t be found. If it can’t be found, then it’s not lost, it’s purposely hiding from you haha

Or just keep digging through couches, you don’t know what you’ll discover. šŸ™‚


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