when worlds collide

Sometimes when you love someone, you want to give them the moon. Even though they probably wanted something totally different, like perhaps a flower, or a butterfly or maybe the sun.

Love blinds you, it makes you think that what’s good for you is good for the other person too, you fail to notice or refuse to accept that you actually value different things.

I’ve made this mistake a couple of times before. I’ve imposed my will on others because I thought that was what’s good for them. I was too caught up in my own reveries that I ignored what was in front of me, the telltale signs I didn’t see.

This is as vague as it gets, but this one’s for you. I’m sorry if I always beg for your time, if I always ask you to hang out with me, if I keep you away from what you’re supposed to be doing, if I don’t understand what’s important to you. I guess i just want to take enough of your memories with me to keep me company for all the days I will be spending without you, I know I’m being selfish.

I wish I knew how to deal with you better, but life didn’t give me a manual when you came into my world. I just guessed my way through it and sometimes it worked, but most of the times it didn’t.

I wish I could take away your pain, I wish I didn’t cause you any in the first place, but I was totally unprepared for you. If I could turn back time, I would do things differently, but time only moves forward, so I have to live with the consequences of my actions or inaction and I just have to make up for it.

I wish you didn’t have to build your walls, I wish we could talk like old friends who didn’t have any baggages, but as it is is, we have to figure this out and go through this together. I know you may want to go on your own way and leave me stranded, but I want you to remember this, even if this is the only thing you will remember from me:

I care for you deeply, although my words don’t always say it, and my actions don’t often reflect it, but I. Do. Care. For you. Deeply. I could lay down my life for you, you don’t even have to ask it.

So please be good while I’m gone, stay focused and keep chasing your dreams. Don’t let the world distract you from what’s real. Don’t stumble, but if you do, please rise up and wash the mud from your feet. Keep fighting the good fight. Don’t give up. I’m always cheering for you, no matter how far away from you I become.

I will always be proud of you.

And you probably already know this, but somehow writing it down makes it more real, I love you.


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