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Meat Depot

Meat Depot

And here we are at Meat Depot, literally, another meat depot. I had the joy of dining in one of these restaurants before in Shang, where you choose from their freezer and ask them to cook it for you in the temperature you like. They have a selection of cuts and meats there, from steaks and sausages, but you just can only choose the ones from the chiller if you want to eat and cook within the same hour.

They just had the Striploin Steak that day, the rest were so frozen you’ll be able to eat it tomorrow haha! So I got the mid-priced steak, I think it was the 500Php one, said to cook it to medium rare temperature, requested for mashed potatoes side, and only paid under 700Php for the meal. I had to wait for under 15mins for my plate which is not so bad, and when I got it, I was pleased with the grill marks on the meat. Perfect color, nice aroma, and nice looking char on the criss-cross.

The meat was tender and the fat rendered properly. I didn’t like the gravy so much, I’ve had better. But I did like the mashed potatoes, it had little chunks to it adding texture to it.

Verdict: 3.25/5
For a puny stall in Corner Market, this one has potential. Definitely worth another visit, but perhaps I’ll try their sausages next time.