Wookie has been with us since 2003, Papa picked her up from a friend in Davao and they took a bus and an overnight boat trip to get to us, all the while pretending to be a chicken in a box.

I remember Pa used to borrow her when he was in town and she stayed in hotels, drank milk at Starbucks, and was given Lechon hocks for lunch so her preference for food was ruined for life. (spoiled dog alert)

She fell on the pond at Ayala once while trying to chase some insect, hanged out at the shaded bench with Mama on the beach coz she didn’t want sand on her paws (dog diva much), took jeepney rides, taxi rides, van rides when we were taking Drei to school, road trips to family park and fishing village and now one last ride home.

She’s been with us through countless house moves – come to think of it, the only reason we moved residences was to have a bigger space where she can run free. If we didn’t have her, I’m sure we would still be living in a one bedroom and stay minimalists.

Wookster is a feisty one, she doesn’t greet you, she will lay on the couch or the bed and just stare at you so you have to come to her, rub her belly, give her treats, and then she goes to some unreachable corner under the bed to have a nap. I actually think she is part cat. Speaking of cats, she just looks at them, and goes about her way, she’s not into that barking and chasing stuff.

When Lola came, wooks followed her around and they were instant besties, like old pals who’ve known each other forever. I guess they both know the secret to life’s longevity.

18 years is impressive Wookiedookie, that’s 126 years of human life, you’ve outlived Lola and she wasn’t such a slacker when she left at 104. I guess that spoiled me into thinking that everything lasts a long time.

Thank you for the walks, the cuddles, the company, the lifetime. You are very much part of our family and we loved you the best way we could, I know you loved us too in your own way. I’m sad I wasn’t there for one last hug or belly rub but I’m sure Drei took great care of you. We’re going to miss you especially in photo ops since you’re such a great poser, always ready for the ‘gram. I don’t think I’ll ever have another dog after you, you’re such a hard act to follow. Maybe I’ll just get a pet rock and stamp your face on it.

Goodnight wook, go have that nap now and have those wonderful dog dreams…


2003 – 2021

*Wookie had a seizure and arrested at 732AM on July 5th and couldn’t be revived. We didn’t put her to sleep, she left on her own time, because that’s how she is, always getting her way up to the very last second. There are no goodbyes for Wookie, she will live forever in our hearts

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