clean house

There’s this great show on the lifestyle network called “Clean House”. The people from CH will go to your place and help you declutter. They’ll encourage you to let go of things that you think are so valuable because of sentimental reasons but are actually just plain old useless junk in the eyes of others. I’ve watched grown men cry over Hard Rock beanie babies, assorted shot glasses and Harley tees they’ve collected over the years. I’ve seen middle-aged women cling on to old bridal gowns they will never wear again or weird looking dolls they got from their mom.

The memory value is indeed priceless, and if you have a big room where you can stack up all your trash in a shelf like a museum of sorts, I doubt there would be a need to give them up. Unfortunately, space is an issue and renting a warehouse to store the piles of accumulated stuff is not an option. (Hmmm, this gives me a business idea) And so the waterworks begin as home owners try to hold on to their treasure trove while the CH staff bribe them with entertainment center and dvd players to stop them from living in the past.

Tonight, I’m starting my very own CH project, Operation Clean Heart. I need to start anew by discarding old emotions. I guess this is part 2 of the letter ripping episode I did some months ago, but this time, I’m ripping my heart right out.

IPOD MOOD: “Your House” by Jimmy Eat World