registered mail

three weeks ago i ordered 2 spare laptop batteries at globalbatteries, yet up to know, it’s still lost in transit. sales support emailed me and said they sent it through usps and it might take 8 weeks, depending on how slow regular snail mail is. too bad, i was expecting to get it sooner so i could use it on my c1x, guess i’ll have to wait a bit more, didn’t know it took this long to buy things online.

yesterday i got a notice from canada post – a parcel for pickup at their collingwood branch, what a hassle, why did they invent mail delivery if i have to get it personally from their office? i also have to pay $25 before i can claim it. =( another ups package also arrived and needs brokerage fee before they can release it – the cost of which is half the price of the package, arrgghhh!

one thing made my day though, got a gift which is probably from the vpal global kriss kringle, can’t wait to open it ^_^ plus i received my wpe from cic. hmmm, one more year,