the problem with working from home is there’s no closing time, noone to remind you to go home – coz you’re already home, noone to pass by your desk at lunch time to invite you to the cafeteria, and noone to drag you to the starbucks across the street for coffee break. so you go on and on until you realize everybody else is offline and you’re the only one left finding your way through the mess of buggy third party deliveries. the good part about this though is that you get to stay warm all day, no trudging along slippery sidewalks, no covering yourself up from the freezing rain and snowfall.

every day, we flip a coin and choose a road, each choice we make carries both good and bad things. it’s always a struggle to find the happy amidst the greyness of a holocaust aftermath, but hope floats despite the darkness, dusk reminds us of a sunset that ends all worries, and a dawn that brings with it a clean slate to help us write a new story..

we all do what we can, and it has to be good enough, and if it isn’t good enough, then it has to do..