turning leaves

today is the end of many things – the naboplomo challenge for one, that means i won’t be obligated to post on this blog anymore, i will go back to the shadows and visit like a ghost once in a while – when i’m homeless and i can’t grow roots. it’s also our company’s last day of operation, they closed shop and sold their stocks so we’re now under a new entity. a good friend at work also had her last day today, she’s leaving for home tomorrow. watching people leave makes me sad, i wish i could go home too. it’s always easier to leave than to be left behind..

tomorrow weather forecast is 12 centimeters of snow, they’re planning to go to grouse mountain for snowboarding, i’m still thinking if i should come.. don’t want another cold weekend, i miss the beach.

when a door closes, it only means that something better is coming along soon, the purpose of it all may not be clear right now, but soon enough, when the dust settles, we’ll realize that all will turn out for the best. good things happen to good people, somehow.