turning leaves

today is the end of many things – the naboplomo challenge for one, that means i won’t be obligated to post on this blog anymore, i will go back to the shadows and visit like a ghost once in a while – when i’m homeless and i can’t grow roots. it’s also our company’s last day of operation, they closed shop and sold their stocks so we’re now under a new entity. a good friend at work also had her last day today, she’s leaving for home tomorrow. watching people leave makes me sad, i wish i could go home too. it’s always easier to leave than to be left behind..

tomorrow weather forecast is 12 centimeters of snow, they’re planning to go to grouse mountain for snowboarding, i’m still thinking if i should come.. don’t want another cold weekend, i miss the beach.

when a door closes, it only means that something better is coming along soon, the purpose of it all may not be clear right now, but soon enough, when the dust settles, we’ll realize that all will turn out for the best. good things happen to good people, somehow.


  • gadget lust: saw something i want on my christmas stocking, hehe now if i could only get santa’s direct line.
  • tons of work today, what else is new? don’t know how to make the gears turn, in an effort to forget one thing, i ended up forgetting everything else.
  • saw the dc – ny pics, argghhh! finally realized how fat i’ve become, like 10 pounds heavier than the week before at lv. how can that be? must be the chilly weather making my cheek puff, haha! nah, i need a diet and exercise plan, i’ll start tomorrow =p.
  • tonight i’m helping my younger brother with his homework – psychology and brain lateralization. i miss university, everything was easier back then, should have failed a couple of classes so i’d still be in school today harhar.
  • my mom is also on the chat window, recounting the latest military standoff in manila, another political turmoil brewing, and here i am, miles away, waiting for the world to change.
  • company’s last day of operation, just signed my quitclaim, now i’m broke coz they haven’t released the final check yet. should have been a writer instead, if i was going to starve anyway, at least i’m doing what i’m passionate about =p.


the problem with working from home is there’s no closing time, noone to remind you to go home – coz you’re already home, noone to pass by your desk at lunch time to invite you to the cafeteria, and noone to drag you to the starbucks across the street for coffee break. so you go on and on until you realize everybody else is offline and you’re the only one left finding your way through the mess of buggy third party deliveries. the good part about this though is that you get to stay warm all day, no trudging along slippery sidewalks, no covering yourself up from the freezing rain and snowfall.

every day, we flip a coin and choose a road, each choice we make carries both good and bad things. it’s always a struggle to find the happy amidst the greyness of a holocaust aftermath, but hope floats despite the darkness, dusk reminds us of a sunset that ends all worries, and a dawn that brings with it a clean slate to help us write a new story..

we all do what we can, and it has to be good enough, and if it isn’t good enough, then it has to do..

registered mail

three weeks ago i ordered 2 spare laptop batteries at globalbatteries, yet up to know, it’s still lost in transit. sales support emailed me and said they sent it through usps and it might take 8 weeks, depending on how slow regular snail mail is. too bad, i was expecting to get it sooner so i could use it on my c1x, guess i’ll have to wait a bit more, didn’t know it took this long to buy things online.

yesterday i got a notice from canada post – a parcel for pickup at their collingwood branch, what a hassle, why did they invent mail delivery if i have to get it personally from their office? i also have to pay $25 before i can claim it. =( another ups package also arrived and needs brokerage fee before they can release it – the cost of which is half the price of the package, arrgghhh!

one thing made my day though, got a gift which is probably from the vpal global kriss kringle, can’t wait to open it ^_^ plus i received my wpe from cic. hmmm, one more year,

let it snow

don’t you sometimes wish you could disappear even if for just a day? throw away that mobile phone, not check emails, stay at home or go somewhere where noone knows you and noone’s looking for you.. wish i could do that everyday. don’t know if it’s the gray or the cold or the snow that’s been bringing me down, maybe it’s all of them combined.

today i did just that – got swallowed into oblivion, stopped worrying, and just went away without warning, tomorrow i’ll be back into the fast and blinding world once more, one deep breath at a time, hello neo. time to bring out my winter jacket and snow boots..

on other news, i found a good deal on an itrip at overstock and ordered one. too bad it doesnt ship to bc.

empire state building

used to be called the empty state building during the great depression, they hired people to go up and down the elevators to switch the lights just so it would look like it’s occupied – that’s one trivia i learned from the tour guide, don’t know if it’s true. this historic place was under construction when went in to take a few snapshots of the city from above. it was also unlike the john hancock, or cn tower, or even the space needle where the elevator person at least says something about the place – here we were just whisked into an elevator and went from one metal detector to the next. from the 80th floor, we went up to the observatory by stairs, just for the heck of it, twas 6 flights up and no turning back.

last night we witnessed how big a deal christmas is in nyc, carollers everywhere, buildings all lit up, shop windows filled with holiday decoration – the cynic would say it’s commercialism, but i think it makes the city more alive and vibrant, helps to distract yourself from the monotony of daily existence. i love to be in this place, bc looks so dull and gray now in comparison.

walked towards ground zero and saw the vast emptiness that used to be something. they’re rebuilding it into a central transportation hub. amazing grace played in the background as i read their sign – think back, move forward, afterwhich we proceeded to st. patrick’s cathedral.

as we packed our bags and head to jfk to catch our plane, i already have a list of what to do on my next visit: – meet up with friends, helicopter tour, walk along central park.

i heart ny

got on the hop on hop off tour of nyc, much like the chicago tour i took. walked along 5th avenue to times square, shopped till i burned a hole in my pocket. the day was too cold for sight seeing, and the tickets got sold out at the battery park. tomorrow we’ll visit the empire state and lady liberty, and of course, do more shopping. i’ll be back in the summer and check out central park and see niagara falls from this side of the world.

i have a penchant for bridges, took some nice still shots of the brooklyn bridge from the south seaport, can’t wait to see the golden gate and add it to my photo collection. my fave is mandaue – mactan for sentimental reasons, and akashi kaikyo, the longest suspension bridge, located in kobe.

courtesy call

toured washington dc – smithsonian institute, museum of air and space, potomac river, lincoln memorial, capitol, reagan airport, and the white house. had lunch at chinatown and caught the amtrak train to newark. checked in at the hilton and called it a day, tomorrow – new york city.

“i wanna be a part of it..”

thanksgiving thursday

arrived at bwi at around 9am, good thing the connecting flight waited for the rest of us who got stranded. the passengers were giving us mean looks when we finally boarded, especially since the flight crew announced that “finally the passengers we are waiting for has arrived” hehe, makes me wonder what happened to the ground personnel that comitted the mistake.

mavic’s relatives were waiting for us at the terminal, we drove straight to their place and had brunch. slept for most part of the day, recharging my batteries, we’re scheduled to do shopping tomorrow at dawn – my first black friday shopping. hmmm what to buy?

stranded in seattle

seatac: flight to detroit got moved out. we were at the middle of the runway when they asked the pilot to go back to the gates. apparently the ground crew loaded the wrong luggage to the cargo bay; we had to go back so they could sort it out. it took a good one hour until everything was fine. we also had to do another refueling since we lost gas while waiting for take off at the runway.

this is the first time my flight retreated from take off; how very opportune when the connecting flight – detroit to baltimore – is just an hour and a half away. it’s God’s way of saying: sit back, relax, not everything is in your control. sometimes you just have to let go and let God, everyhing will be alright.