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Don’t we just love this part – the telling of how stuff came to be, the reasons behind the conception of things, the how’s, the why’s, the when’s? Well it’s always interesting to know the once-upon-a-time, after all everything has a beginning, just like this blog.. and so let me tell you how it all started..

Once upon a rainy day in Vancouver, Krissy and Tash decided to brave the cold gray afternoon and have late lunch at a ridiculously out of the way restaurant, well it wasn’t that bad really, it was only seven skytrain stations and 10 blocks away from home. In my book, if it’s in one zone then it’s not that far.

While waiting for their white peach bellinis, a bulb from the land of great ideas suddenly lit up in their heads. They decided to make a food and travel blog and started searching the thesaurus, certified geeks that that they are, for cool names to use as the title. Unfortunately, Mr. Webster was of no help, I mean, come on, how many possible combination of synonyms can we have from two words that would actually sound awesome when put together?

So they started rummaging the menu instead, maybe an appy would give some inspiration, then there it was, right on the last page of the desert specials – a bite of brownie, how very apt, a smaller version of the ultimate encounter between white and dark, cold and warm, a little taste of something from two opposite poles…

And this is when we say, “the rest is history..”