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Wooden Horse Steakhouse

Wooden Horse Steakhouse

There are two April birthday celebrants in my family, me and my sister. One month after, we finally went out and celebrate. Priorities, I know! Our grandma came along so it had to be somewhere close so it won’t be too hard for her. So we decided to visit Wooden Horse Steakhouse at Molito Complex. I literally pass by this restaurant and I swear I never noticed it was there. Maybe the front of the restaurant was too plain. The name was in bold brown (or was that red?) letters and it just didn’t occur to me to stare at it every time. Maybe because it’s on the way out of the parking lot? Haha

When we entered, I got the feeling that it’s not a family friendly place, and when I say family, I mean being with your 92 year old grandma in a bar like environment with lights and loud speakers kind of place. But the server ushered us to the center of the restaurant in a long table and my grandma looks game so we rolled with it. There was a singer on the stage singing old songs, servers dressed in cowboy clothes, and there’s a Japanese chef behind the counter. If you ask me, it was like a circus to me, nothing came together. But they were very nice to my grandma, that’s hard to ignore.

We ordered everything family style so we can share everything. For appetizers, we had Chicken Quesadillas and Fried Calamari. Both were very good and properly cooked. The soft taco was crisp and filling was just right. The calamari were tender and not overcooked. Making it in the list is Ribeye Steak which was cooked to medium temperature, everyone loved it. We also had Grilled Norwegian Salmon which had nice grill marks on the fish without it being dry in the inside. The Baby Back Ribs were a hit as well, disappearing from the plate as fast as the server put it down on the table. The Teriyaki Chicken Steak was served on a sizzling plate and mom loved it. After the meal, we asked to see the dessert menu but they said they only had ice cream bars so we passed on that. I then asked for the bill but I didn’t receive it right away. You see, when we were seated earlier, they asked if there was anyone celebrating their birthdays in our party and we said yes, as a matter of fact, and that we had 2. So in place of the bill, we got cakes and ice cream for everyone! Now that’s a nice touch.

Verdict: 3.25/5
I think everyone had a good time. There were a lot of highlights, good music, the chefs even came out behind their bar to send us off and say goodnight. Celebrants get to have wrist bands with the restaurant’s name on it, I still have that today. The food could be improved but they have a solid menu so I think it’s just a matter of keeping it up. Very hospitable crew, as well. It’s a good place to cap the night off.