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I always enjoyed meat on sticks since I was a child. In a party, I remember always gunning for that makeshift stand from a cabbage cut in half poked with sticks adorned with you guessed it, hotdogs and marshmallows. It’s just so pretty and colourful to look at. But as a grown up, I think I am looking forsomething more sophisticated on the palette. The meat should be seasoned and spiced and the temperature just right. Otherwise, it will be tough and chewy and could possibly get stuck in between your teeth. Nobody wants that.

Skewered is a new restaurant in Festival Mall’s Expansion Wing at Water Garden. It was a little hard to locate due to lack of signs and proper lighting. Good thing it was broad daylight when I visited haha I was first to be seated and the only customer. It had a soft opening feel to it but I didn’t mind. I was impressed with their interior decor. Very well lit and I like the touch of greenery, giving the al fresco dining experience.

I ordered a variety of skewers and just that. They thought of naming their restaurant with that so it better be good, right? Chicken liver and heart had to be tasted, so as Japanese Pork Belly, Shanghai Beef, and Sweet Sexy Pork. And I also tried their Lemongrass Pandan Iced Tea – a house blend, I wanted more! But they had it in a very small glass that I had to enjoy it in small sips. Not enough, I know!

Verdict: 4/5
I like restaurants not overdoing their meat. As they serve theirs on a stick, which I think is harder to time perfectly, hats off to their griller! They sell their house blend tea for 79 a glass, had I known they had refillable, I would have ordered that, it’s that good! (I see it now in their menu – which had grown from the last time I saw it). So it might be a good idea to revisit this soon.