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Char Express + Bake + Stockwell

Char Express + Bake + Stockwell

A newly opened food hall at the Podium Mall, Corner Market, is starting to gain traction with its various food selection from every imaginable cuisine. After roaming the food hall, I was literally overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to eat haha but I decided on Char Express. It’s a Chinese quick bites establishment most known for their Charshu Pork (which I got) and their Peking Duck.

I had to ask what it was and the server explained that it’s similar to Philippines’ asado dish, but made Chinese-style meaning they marinated it for hours and then roasted it. Yum! As expected with Chinese dishes, the charshu pork was served on top of rice with steamed bokchoy as a side. The rice topping was very flavorful and hearty. And for less than Php250 a pop, it’s a great deal.

After the meal, I had to get some dessert from Bake Cheesetart hailing from Japan! Of course I can’t let this day pass without having some Japanese haha! I bought a whole box from the store and that store is just packed with yummy cheese tart smell. I paired that with Green Tea Latte from Stockwell, a cafe in Corner Market. I like the tart green tea flavor, definitely not lost there.

Verdict: 3.75/5
I like how this meal was complete, from main, dessert, and coffee! The prices were all reasonable and very filling! Check out the Corner Market for more food finds!