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People relate heavy traffic to a curse.

I do too, especially when I’m in a rush going somewhere on a strict schedule. But when you pass by a restaurant that has just opened, chances are, your opinion on traffic will be different. Situated across the church along Escario street, beside another recently opened branch of a popular coffee shop frequented by folks, the restaurant boasts its modern design and pleasant ambiance despite the construction going on in the vicinity.

We were seated to a table for three and were handed individual menus to check what they have available. We were then given freshly baked bread and home made tomato dip, much to our surprise. For appetizers, we ordered Gamberri alla Padella, a shrimp lettuce salad with two sticks of bread, Insalata dello Chef, a chef salad with lettuce, egg, olives, tomato, olive oil and bacon strips, Vongole, pasta with clams, and a serve of Puttanesca. Our entree was salmon and asparagus pizza together with organic sparkling juice. To end the meal, mom, sis and I shared a serve of Panna Cotta. With preserved cherries and balsamic vinegar.

The service was prompt; the servers were attentive to our needs and were eager to give their customers the best possible experience.

By the time we got out of the restaurant, we’ve had our bellies filled for the journey back home.

Axis Entertainment Avenue, Escario

A: 3.5/5

Gamberi was somewhat a disappointment because the bottom of the bowl was soaked with oil, making the dish soggy. The Vongole was a tad bit over seasoned, with too much salt in the sauce. The Puttanesca was spot on and the chef salad, though. The salmon asparagus pizza tasted good too. The Panna Cotta could use more acidity because it is simply too sweet. The balsamic vinegar on the plate was too small and could do very little to add tartness to the dish.