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Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

On the same day after trying that very forgettable restaurant in Molito, I had to look for something nice place that serves desserts. And luckily, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory was nearby! I left my parking spot, yeah, that very tight one, drove around the compound, only to find myself right where I started because RMCF was just a hundred steps away from it. Yeah, good thing this parking spot was so tight, I’m the only one who had the guts to use it haha!

When I got to the restaurant, there was a couple that’s leaving, and yay! I got the whole restaurant all to myself! I took my time looking at their elaborate display of chocolate dipped marshmallows/cakes/bananas, truffles, chocolate bars, and candied apples. They’re all very nice to look at, but I came here for one reason alone: try their Chocolate Lava Cake. Yeah, because I like to challenge them, I make the best chocolate lava cake. LOL (like that Eggs Benedict thing, remember?)

After 10mins, my dessert is here! And it’s a joy to look at it, it’s like it jumped right off from their menu! Took some pictures (and selfies) with it before cracking it open. But apparently, since they just microwaved it to heat it, the should be oozing, chocolate-y center had gone, there was just a tiny part of it that still was, but aww.. it was a little too sweet for me, I like to put less than a teaspoon of ground coffee with mine to balance it. They served it with a classic vanilla ice cream on top, drizzled with chocolate sauce. All of that goodness sat on drizzling of caramel sauce on the plate for nice presentation.

Verdict: 3.25/5
I’m such a critic, of course I’ll give my recipe a better rating haha but this wasn’t so bad. The overall taste was good (well, after that mediocre lunch, anything would be good haha!). The servers left you in peace, the place was clean and spotless. They had a huge teddy bear at the entrance! Oh I personally haven’t tried eating candied apples, I heard that’s their bestseller.. maybe next time?