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Going back to the South, we get to Torch. A joint serving food from different cuisines. If I read about that earlier, I would have backed out. But ok, for the sake of trying it (and not coming back ever haha!) (hey, that’s a little early for the verdict!). Because how will you like something from the menu if the restaurant itself doesn’t know what it’s best at?

It was around 11am when I arrived at Molito, I saw Torch’s signage at the 2nd floor of a 2-level building on the left side. And then I instantly saw a parking near the pathway.. judging from the car that was already parked on the 2-slot parking, I immediately knew that car went over its allotted parking space. But hey, I’m feeling like the protagonist in a very old Mentos commercial, and I squeezed in my car and was able to park. Now, the question was, since I was too close to the barricade on my left, how will I get out? On the passenger side of course! Haha

I was the first (and only) customer there. I thought to myself, maybe it’s just too early. The whole 2nd floor was filled with chairs and tables, even had a painting on a wall. And then I went ahead and ordered Beef Belly Short Plate. The menu said it’s a slowly roasted US beef, I immediately thought of that beef brisket from a restaurant in SM Megamall.. maybe they’re lucky enough to channel that. They were not. My plate came and it looked like a normal looking dish you’d expect from a carinderia. And the taste? Ugh, do I really have to? It didn’t taste like it was roasted at all, slowly roasted at that! It was a little tough, and so fatty you could have just drank a glass of cooking oil. And the gravy didn’t do anything to make it better, only made it worse, much worse. The garlic rice looked like it was swimming on oil and the vegetables are just ok. Good thing I ordered another dish, the Shrimp Taco – because hey, they said they also specialized on it. And I was so wrong. It’s a sushi style taco! The rice was so vinegary.. shrimp overcooked.. the salsa was ok. It just didn’t work out well.

Verdict: 1/5
I think I’ve said everything I could say above. I can’t wait to move on from this. Please stay clear of this restaurant.