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Pho Wagon and Nothing Bundt Cakes

after picking up a package from the post office, i took a look at available food restos next door and found this place but I was a few minutes early. three other parties were also waiting for the restaurant to open so i thought this must be a good sign that this resto is good. I checked the other stores close by. there’s Starbucks and nothing bundt cakes. I stepped in the latter and I was greeted with a friendly crew saying if I would be interested in trying their raspberry chiffon cake. it was delicious and not so sweet so I thought I can’t leave that bakery without getting something. my eyes were set on buying the chocolate-chocolate chip bundtlet. I asked the cashier what’s their best seller and guess what? it’s the same as my choice!

I proceeded back to pho wagon and by the time I came back, they turned the closed sign to open. their daily special is grilled pork or chicken sandwich with chips and Thai iced tea. I asked the waitress if I could change the sandwich to meat with rice. she thinks no so I opted to get the special combo pho, an unexpected order from me since I don’t like noodles or pasta. surprisingly, I enjoyed it! the broth was tasty. the rice noodles were perfectly cooked, not over cooked nor soggy. special combo pho has steak, well-done flank, brisket, tendon and tripe. I like best the latter three. small order was still too much for much. I wasn’t able to finish the noodles but drank all the soup.


there are not many options for rice plates though. this place seemed popular considering almost 10 parties came within thirty minutes after the resto opened.

the chocolate-chocolate chip bundlet was delicious! the sweetness was just right, not so sweet and not so bland.

Verdict for Pho Wagon: 3/5 (-2 for few rice plate options)
Verdict for Nothing Bundt Cakes: 4/5 (it’s a little expensive)

Pho Wagon
1712 Meridian Ave
San Jose, CA 95125

Nothing Bundt Cakes
1702 Meridian Avenue Suite B.
San Jose, CA 95125