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The Jammery

Name: The Jammery

Address: 8038 BC-97, Lake Country, BC

Date of Visit: May 12, 2019


Right smack in the middle of nowhere with no other nearby food establishments in site, this jam factory slash breakfast and lunch spot is a happening place on a Sunday morning. We arrived a little after 9 to find it jam packed with patrons wanting a nice brunch on Mother’s Day. The lady at the counter took our name and told us the wait time is more or less an hour so we decided to just head to the Kangaroo creek farm first to visit some animals instead of standing around and waiting in line. The farm is a mere 5 minute drive from here and is a must visit if you’re in the area, entrance fee is 10$ and they only accept cash. 

An hour or so later we came back to the Jammery and had our names added back to the list, another 30 minutes wait and it was around 11 that time. Right next to the restaurant is their jam factory with a lot of products on sale, some samples to taste and a glass window to view the jammers in action. Something to keep you busy with while waiting for your turn.


Breakfast Menu:

The Jammery favourite

Paella toss

Lunch Menu:

Big beef dip

Rating: 3/5


Apparently this place has been featured on Food Network Canada in this show called You Gotta Eat Here, you’ll see some items on the menu marked with YGEH. One such item is the Paella toss which is a skillet sort of breakfast minus the skillet, it has chopped lobsters, shrimps and scallops mixed with their hash browns and topped with two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, this was probably the highlight of the meal. The Jammery favourite, which came with a half waffle, sausage, eggs and hash browns, was nothing to write home about, maybe we should have opted for the blueberry waffle instead. I ordered the big beef dip, another YGEH choice, which was superb, the pile of thinly sliced roast beef in between pillowy buns with a toasty crust was a perfect match to the jus, now I’m thinking I should have tried the corned beef dish too. 

Should come back? Just to buy more jams, the pineapple jalapeño pepper jam was the bomb