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GastHaus on the Lake

GastHaus on the Lake

Name: Gasthaus on the Lake 

Address: 5790 Beach Avenue, Peachland BC

Date of Visit: May 12, 2019


Of the many times we’ve visited the Okanagan, we’ve never ever been to Peachland, the view of the Great Okanagan Lake from the other side of the bridge is just as lovely as from Kelowna.

Gasthaus is a German pub and restaurant located right along Beach Avenue on 3rd Street, it was a very happening place on a Saturday night for Mother’s Day weekend but we didn’t have to wait at all to get seats right by the outdoor patio. The place came highly recommended by our Airbnb host so we dived right into the menu and ordered to our hearts’ contents.


Free starters: pretzel bread and whipped butter 

Appetizer: Bratwurst and sauerkraut 


Beef rouladen

Roasted half duck

Roasted pork hock 

Drinks: Peach Bellini 

Rating: 3/5

Comments: All the entrees were big and came swimming in gravy, with 2 bread dumplings which looked like glutinous mashed potatoes, plus a separate plate of red cabbage. The best order was the roasted pork which had crispy skin and very tender meat, the rouladen was a bit dry and meaty, it needed some sort of fat to introduce some moisture into it, the roasted duck was also a bit dry but nonetheless quite tasty. We ordered Peach Bellini because hey it’s Peachland haha it wasn’t bad, it just didn’t feel like there was enough liqueur or peach flavour in it but it was a refreshing drink on a hot sunny day after 24km of biking the trestles and tunnels of Myra Canyon.

Should come back? Maybe not, there wasn’t anything too special worth coming back for.