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I had a lot on my plate this day from picking up packages to late afternoon painting session with sisters, but it won’t stop me from trying a new restaurant. I had to pick up a parcel in Makati so that was my chance to try something new in the posh Greenbelt 5 – Kai

Kai is known for their richly flavoured Japanese dishes and their whopping 10-course Wagyu goodness. Of course, I didn’t get that, haha! I was the first customer in at 11am, just in time for an early lunch. After looking at the menu, I ordered a good old bowl of Chirashi. Because why the heck not? The bowl had fresh sashimi inclusive of salmon, tuna, squid, and hamachi, crabsticks and tamago, and a generous serving of creamy uni on a cucumber cup at the center where it’s supposed to be.  The bowl came with a hot serving of Miso Soup which was surprising as I fished out clams – so that’s actually a Seafood Miso Soup! Way to elevate a humble soup, if you ask me. And being the uni lover that I am, a serving of Uni Tempura on the side. Because I can’t get enough of it. I actually think I was born to love uni!

The restaurant had an intimate feel to it. Quiet and clean. And the servers left you alone enough for you to enjoy your every bite in peace without compromising their service. After the meal, I asked for the bill. They’re seriously elevating the dining experience because even the receipt was presented in an envelope. How very posh, am I right? 

Verdict: 3.5/5

I like restaurants that serve undeniably fresh cuts of sashimi. Honestly, the servers need not to do a lot if their kitchens produce quality dishes. This restaurant definitely delivered.