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you laugh with strangers, seven thousand miles away
and though you call to me across the oceans
I feel myself slipping away
I stood soaking it all in, one after another
the days that fall like orange leaves

I hear your voice talking about something
but they’re just noise not words
and I can’t understand what you’re saying
speaking in the language of the dead
it sounded a lot like letting go, so I let you go

the darkness has come to claim me
it was nice knowing you

you laugh with friends
happy without me


good night, housemate

it’s the music that we shared
the weekends and endless driving
when we were down for nothing and refused to give up
it’s those things that matter, not the money,
nor the pleasure of large apartments in small towns

it’s the smile we greet each other with in the evenings,
the smell of coffee and the laughter at Tim’s
as we come home from the office
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he is the king of tyrant lizards
and when he sleeps,
the walls rumble,
the skies fall,
and in between fits of waking,
I hear his thunder
descending upon us mere mortals
pulling me away
from catching starlit dreams

random words

your laugh is infectious
like earwax left unattended

your chatter much louder
than a chorus of wasps,

your temper is a swirl
of green wasabi on my sushi rice

your banter more sharp
than a well sharpened knife

when you came as a breeze
in my pedestrian life

you discarded me like
useless nail cutter clippings

my world is forever changed
while I smiled behind sad eyes

soaring higher

your laughter launched a thousand birds
to soar higher than the clouds
then you left them stranded in mid flight
the way you will leave gweys in mid laugh
don’t take the sunshine when you go

falling slowly

each day falls like autumn leaves
as the hour for your leaving nears
the wind untangles your name
until I no longer know how to say it
until I no longer know you

millennium line

​the train ride home is always the longest
the nearer it gets, the farther it feels like
we count down the minutes like years
our muted conversations drowned by air