life in slow motion (aka how it felt like last year)

That the sky would lift
That I’d find my place
That I’d see your face in the door

i press my face against the tinted glass and watch as the rain drenches the long dark street that is kingsway. in exactly 13 minutes, the flourescent bulbs will blink once, twice and finally sleep, i will then count 43 strides from my sanctuary to that corner beside the door that leads to a seemingly endless flight of stairs, and with a power that only i possess at this forsaken hour, i will flick the eternal switch that separates light from darkness.
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hello world

Life happens even when you least expect it.

In a few days from now, I will be wrapping up my stay in this country that I have called my temporary refuge for the past three years. I have a few bags to take with me and a lot of items to leave behind, to put in storage or to give away. Who knew I could accumulate so much stuff in the span of 36 months? It feels like a lifetime in boxes, over and done with.
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once in a blue moon

Wishing we could choose our own landscape
Wishing me and you could just go anywhere we wanted
Once in a blue moon we’d stay out late
And watch the sun come up at five-thirty in the morning

It’s a blue moon on New Year’s eve, so I guess those people who once said they’d do something on a blue moon would have no excuse to run off this time ^^. There used to be a time in my life when I was just so awed by the moon, I was probably six then and just finished watching the lunar landing, inspiring me to be an astronaut or some rocket scientist. The dream went on till university and not really until I finally found myself at the NASA headquarters in Houston did I realize that I’m probably not gonna be fit enough to be an astronaut. So that probably means I won’t be stacking any flags next to the USA’s out there in that pot-holed surface.
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between the longing and the letting go

Last Sunday of the year, and then four more Sundays to go before I leave on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again. Yeah I hate to go.. and yes I just mutilated a song.

This afternoon I stood before the altar and waited to get prayers, I’m lost and I need direction. This past few months has been a battle between what I want to do and where I want to be versus what I should be doing and where I should be staying. As I sat on one of the pews, I felt really sad, like a part of me has died, it almost felt like this is the end of the road for me and I will never come back here. I feel I have lost everything I strove for and I couldn’t help but just stare in space and blink back tears.
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