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the cookie quest

My self confessed foodie friend (and who my mom always said would make everything taste great just by her endorsement) introduced me to The Cookie. It was just another Saturday spent strolling along the Bay Area and walking across the Golden Gate Bridge then dinner at the Cheesecake Factory when she said we should stop by Bristol Farms at Market street to try the (in)famous cookie. I’d have to say, it ruined all cookies for me and I wished I bought more to take back to Vancouver.

This time around, in between short hikes and long drives to Yosemite and Lake Tahoe, I decided (come hell or high water) that I’m going to take a dozen cookies back with me. Since I’m staying at Shing’s pad in San Jose, going to the cookie store means an hour and a half drive to Ria’s place in Millbrae then another hour ride at the ear splitting BART.
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life goes on

one month, nine days, fourteen hours, forty eight minutes and twenty one seconds (time is ticking as I write this) – a million lifetimes over and done with, all neatly packed up in labeled boxes, check-ins and carry ons – the sum total of your five or so months in the land that’s always about to rain. but on rare sunny moments, you have to admit, it actually is the best place on earth.

life goes on, or rather, the rest of your life will unfold once you board that plane and say goodbye to us – your accidental acquaintances and meantime friends – all of this will be nothing more than memories that will soon fall from the back of your head until they become forgotten.
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soaring higher

your laughter launched a thousand birds
to soar higher than the clouds
then you left them stranded in mid flight
the way you will leave gweys in mid laugh
don’t take the sunshine when you go

falling slowly

each day falls like autumn leaves
as the hour for your leaving nears
the wind untangles your name
until I no longer know how to say it
until I no longer know you

millennium line

​the train ride home is always the longest
the nearer it gets, the farther it feels like
we count down the minutes like years
our muted conversations drowned by air


waiting for the world to change

​waiting for the world to change

while you and I stay the same
we’ve run out of excuses
to hide beneath our skins
are you done ignoring me?
coz I’m tired pretending you don’t exist

there is no beginning we can go back to
we came to this story halfway through curtain call
our lines ended before our roles began
my words falter in mid sentence
I have no recollections of you

you left me sitting in that coffee shop
and as I sit in another one, 10,000 miles away,
nothing is the same but nothing has changed
the fireplace beside me burns through your memories
until you are nothing more than embers of a past long gone


burning bridges

let’s burn these bridges
and forget our skins
until the flames light our path
and engulf our sins

you speak like I don’t exist
but I exist like you never spoken
so let’s call it a truce instead
and pretend that we actually mattered

we are done being quiet
we are finished with
hanging our wings out to dry
it’s time to finally fly

it’s now or never,
just say goodbye