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sometimes the greatest acts of love are the hardest acts to commit

​to the luckiest man in the world,

today is the beginning of the rest of your life. you will stand there at the end of the aisle as you wait for your future to walk towards you. she will give you her hand and you will promise her one eternity after another, then finally you will hold her in your arms and everything else in the world will fade away.

she has dreamt about you countless times before she even met you. she knew you were out there and she kept this hope in her heart until you came along and made her yours.
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of airports and sunsets

tonight I’m at the LAX pre-boarding lounge looking out the glass window as this giant ball of fire descends on the wings of the parked WestJet Boeing 737. No, that’s not actually a meteor crashing on earth and burning to the ground (although that’s how I feel), it’s just another sunset at the airport, my nth this time around.

with the first half of the year coming to an end, I can’t believe I’ll say it again – time flies like the speed of sound, it flies when you’re having fun but then even if you’re not, it still flies anyway. I wish there was a way to pause it, slow it down or make it move faster, but really we are all just in it for the ride and holding on for dear life. so we have to seize the moment before the moment seizes us.
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good night, housemate

it’s the music that we shared
the weekends and endless driving
when we were down for nothing and refused to give up
it’s those things that matter, not the money,
nor the pleasure of large apartments in small towns

it’s the smile we greet each other with in the evenings,
the smell of coffee and the laughter at Tim’s
as we come home from the office
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he is the king of tyrant lizards
and when he sleeps,
the walls rumble,
the skies fall,
and in between fits of waking,
I hear his thunder
descending upon us mere mortals
pulling me away
from catching starlit dreams

when it’s too late

​I’m not really good at apologies, I rarely give them. Not that I don’t make mistakes but more because I think sorry is such a lame word, what does it even mean? It’s not going to undo the transgression nor bring back what was lost, it’s just a word to use when there’s nothing else you can do to make things right. I guess it could also mean an admission of fault, but I’m more focused on how to move on from there.

And yet some people require it, revere it even, so I will use this word just in case you’re cut-out from that lot.
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sabi ng isa kong kakilala, tuwing naiinis daw sya kapag nattraffic sa pagddrive sa EDSA, tinitignan nya ang mga tao sa MRT, nagsisiksikan, naiinitan, nakatingin sa kawalan, at doon bigla nyang nasasabi sa sarili na maswerte sya dahil meron syang sasakyan at di nya kailangan makipagsapalaran gaya ng iba. mas lalo nyang napapahalagahan kung anong meron sya.

naalala ko ang kwento nya kanina habang nakasakay ako sa skytrain at pinapanood ang mga taong kasabay ko na may kanya kanyang kawalan na minamasdan. may ibang natutulog, nagbabasa ng libro, nakikinig sa kung anong tugtog at nakatutok sa kanilang mga telepono. pero mas madami ang nakatingin sa bintana at tila malalim ang iniisip. napapansin kaya nila ang mga nagddrive at sinasabi sa sarili nila na sana meron din silang sasakyan o baka naman pinili talaga nilang mag skytrain para magkaron ng pagkakataon na mawala sa sarili at iasa ang mga buhay nila sa isang makina na ginawa para dalhin sila sa kanilang pupuntahan?
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random words

your laugh is infectious
like earwax left unattended

your chatter much louder
than a chorus of wasps,

your temper is a swirl
of green wasabi on my sushi rice

your banter more sharp
than a well sharpened knife

when you came as a breeze
in my pedestrian life

you discarded me like
useless nail cutter clippings

my world is forever changed
while I smiled behind sad eyes