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Guayaquil for a day

It’s hard to come back to this city especially when all the familiar people have gone. When Christian picked us up from the airport and took us to the Palace to check in, I was half expecting Neil to be sitting on one of the chairs near the door while reading El Universo, but of course there was no one there, and when I looked at the newspaper, everything felt just like a dream from some far away land.
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13,000 miles to go before I sleep

The altitude in Cusco makes me feel like I have a permanent hangover. The drumming starts at the left side of my head and just stays there for the rest of the day. They said coca tea makes it better so I’ve been drinking that for the past 3 days but I’m not really sure if it makes any difference. It just makes me feel like I’ve addressed the issue so I shouldn’t be bothered by it anymore 🙂
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the trip that broke the bank aka a series of unfortunate events

So because of that 3.5 hours Tame delay from Galápagos Islands to Guayaquil, we missed our Lima-Cusco flight and effectively paid the cost of a round trip ticket from Cebu to Vancouver just to get to Cusco and back. We had to buy new tickets via LAN, the only plane leaving the next morning and since Avianca cancelled our return flight due to our no show for the first leg of the itinerary, we also had to get new reservations for our return trip. Seriously, South America needs more competition in the airspace industry. The bus would have been 10 times cheaper but that would take 30+ hours and we would miss our scheduled tours in between.
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the Galapagos team

Even before our first official CSC call, the team members have already been mapping out all the vacation plans, points of interest, places to check out and even people to go with.

Nate, Suyoung, Yuko and I have all agreed to visit the Galápagos Islands and Machu Picchu. We had group chats and calls and plotted our schedules and flight plans way before we were assigned to respective projects.
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